DItch The Tax Stress With Atlas Accounting

Tax season is a breeze when you keep your bookkeeping, advisory, and payroll services all under one roof. By making sure your books are up-to-date all year long, we will make sure there are no nasty surprises at tax time.

Our Team of COntractor Accountants make tax filling a breeze

We partner with industry-specific tax specialists who provide full tax compliance services, including federal and state income tax returns, sales tax, payroll tax, property tax, and excise tax.

Partner With Tax Experts

We work strategically with construction & specialty trade CPAs to make sure you’re giving as little money as legally possible over to Uncle Sam each year.

Gain Year ROund Support

No matter which plan you choose with Atlas Accounting Group, you will gain year-round coaching support to ensure that you’re making the most tax-efficient financial decisions.

Save Money with Industry Expertise

Working with general tax accountants can often result in missed tax deductions or credits that are suitable for your specific industry. With Atlas Accounting Group, you can be sure that every savings is accounted for.

Are Your Books a Mess?

We deal with messy, incomplete, and long overdue books all the time. In fact, we expect it! It’s our job to wipe the slate clean. Check out our ongoing bookkeeping services to ensure your financial numbers are up-to-date and accurate moving forward from here!

How Our Tax Partnership Works

we Finalize Accurate Deductions & Reports
Tax Experts file & Submit Your Taxes
Together, We Maximize Your Business Potential
tax services for construction

Focus on your Long-term Financial success

At Atlas Accounting Group, we take a look at the current financial position of your business, and implement accounting services that support your short and long-term goals. This includes comprehensive tax strategy, forecasting, cash-flow support, and strategic advisory calculations. We ensure your business is performing at its ultimate potential.

Focus on How to keep taxes as low as legally possible

If you’ve been working with a 1990s, generic tax accountant, chances are that your tax advice and strategy has been outdated as well. Our expert tax partnership ensures that you receive the latest, industry-specific grants, deductions, and credits down to the last cent each year. You’ll never have more money in the bank come tax time than when you’re working with Atlas Accounting Group.

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Working with Atlas Accounting Group has completely changed the outlook of my business. When we started our partnership, I knew very little about the financial health of my company. Like many small business owners, I had a family member overseeing everything. When retirement forced a change, Alysia took the reins and because of her I now have a full understanding of my financial position and am able to make educated business decisions instead of basing them on guesses and feelings.