Frequently asked questions


How often will we chat?

You can reach us by email anytime! Throughout the month, we have a two-day response time with our Essentials package, and a one day response time with our Plus and Pro packages. We have an annual coaching meeting with the Essentials package, a Quarterly coaching meeting with our Plus package, and a monthly coaching meeting with our Pro package.

All meetings are held in our virtual office or Microsoft Teams, and phone calls are scheduled in advance as needed. We create well-planned and organized financial processes so you won't run into emergencies!

How long will it take to onboard with Atlas Accounting Group?

Onboarding timelines depend on the service package and the clean-up or catch-up work required. You will have the help of our onboarding specialist during the transition. Atlas Accounting Group believes strongly in accurate, real-time accounting and proper supporting workflows. Sometimes this is quite an adjustment for a business. An ideal timeline for onboarding is 4-6 weeks, but in some cases it will take longer. This is our most collaborative time in the process, so there will be milestones for everyone to meet and updates along the way.

Why does Atlas Accounting Group work with the specialty trades and construction companies?

There is something satisfying about completing a project, a hard job well done, a client well served. Those are the values Atlas Accounting Group shares with the specialty trades and construction industry. The greater success of the blue-collar trades is vital and we want to be a part of that. We find a connection with our community and joy in our work by helping businesses like yours thrive!

Who will I be in contact with?

Your first connection will be with one or both of the founders: Mackenzie Gray and Alysia LaTourette. Once you have accepted a proposal, you will work with an onboarding specialist and meet the accounting team assigned to your work. Atlas accounting group uses a team approach to our client’s work so nothing ever slips through the cracks, and senior level experience is available to all our clients.

What is it like to work with a virtual accounting firm?

Honestly? It's much easier! 

Say goodbye to paper! You will be set up with secure methods for submitting information that eliminates the need to use snail mail or store mountains of paper in your office (or truck).

Email is the foundational form of communication we use, with phone calls reserved for scheduled appointments only. Virtual meetings are held in our virtual office or using Microsoft Teams.

Virtual accountants are more accessible, and often much more organized than traditional brick-and-mortar firms. Your data security is extremely important to us. We use multi-factor authentication on all our applications and will only ask for or provide sensitive data through approved and secure channels.


Will you set up my bookkeeping software for me?

Absolutely! We work exclusively with cloud-based accounting software, primarily QuickBooks Online and Xero, and offer a full setup of your books.

What happens if my books are a complete mess?

Atlas Accounting Group offers a 30-Day Books Built Better guarantee, so that we can get your books cleaned up and back on track in no time. We'll complete a review of your books first, and meet with you to go over our findings and develop a blueprint for moving forward. A proposal for clean-up work is delivered at that time, so you know exactly what to expect.

What will I receive every month with ongoing bookkeeping services?

Atlas Accounting Group offers three levels of service. What you get will vary depending on what is most useful to you and what you’ve chosen to invest in. Our Essentials package offers compliance-level services (timely filings of local and payroll tax obligations, payroll processing, statement reconciliation). Our Plus package offers management-level services (compliance, payroll, financials, A/P and A/R reports). Our Pro package offers leadership-level services (financial planning, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, leadership support). It's best to book a quick call with us to determine the best level of service for your business!

Is there anything I need to do each month for bookkeeping?

Your involvement in the accounting process is going to vary based on the service you’re investing in. During onboarding, we work together to clearly determine what responsibilities you (or others on your team) will have.

How much should I be making before I outsource bookkeeping?

There is no exact amount of money you should be making before you hire someone to support your bookkeeping and accounting functions; however, a good rule of thumb is that if you could be spending your time on your business in more valuable ways, you should pay a professional. You didn’t start a business to become an accountant!

What is the best time of year to start with a bookkeeper?

Yesterday. Truly, if you are now considering professional accounting services, you are likely already in business and would benefit from the assistance of a professional.


When is the best time of year to migrate to a new construction payroll system?

Payroll systems can be switched any time of the year! Traditionally, a more seamless transition can be had at the end of a quarter or the end of the year. But Gusto (the platform we use and recommend!) makes transferring your payroll service easy any time.

What time tracking system do you recommend for general contractors and construction businesses?

Gusto provides a timecard feature and allows many different timecard applications to integrate. The best timecard solution is the one that is easy for your employees to use and that gives you the level of information you need.

Do you handle construction payroll taxes for me?

Gusto will collect payroll taxes with each payroll run. The taxes are remitted to the proper authorities and the reports are filed as required without you needing to lift a finger. Atlas Accounting Group keeps a watchful eye on reporting and helps resolve any issues with support.

Is it easy to switch from another provider?

Piece of cake. Atlas will access your previous payroll process or data or send you a list of what we need to get you all set up.

What is the setup process like?

Setup and implementation of Gusto can take as little as one week! Gusto allows employees to enter their own personal information and manage their own direct deposit. Information about historical wages and tax payments are also collected. We are here to help at any point!


Can you handle my personal and business taxes for me?

Atlas Accounting Group works with a professional tax preparation firm that has CPAs and EAs on staff to take care of all your tax needs. We handle the administrative tasks and interactions on your behalf to provide a stress-free experience. Tax filing, planning, and resolution services are all available to our clients. Estimates of fees are presented up front.

What do I need to submit to prepare my taxes?

Our packages include a comprehensive packet of financial reports and documents to send to our tax preparation partner or to a tax preparer of your choice.

Do you handle construction payroll taxes for me?

Gusto will collect payroll taxes with each payroll run. The taxes are remitted to the proper authorities and the reports are filed as required without you needing to lift a finger. Atlas Accounting Group keeps a watchful eye on reporting and helps resolve any issues with support.

Will you talk to my tax accountant for me?

We would love to! Atlas Accounting Group is a strong collaborator with other professionals. Our goal is to be a supportive advisor to your business, and that includes working closely with other professionals on your team.

How do you choose the right tax accountant partner for me?

Experience matters when it comes to taxes. Atlas Accounting Group partners with tax professionals that not only hold the required credentials and experience, but also love preparing taxes and hold themselves to high standards.

Can I use my own tax accountant?

Yes. A comprehensive package of financial reports and documents is included in each of our levels of service. You can bring that information to a tax preparer of your choosing or use our tax partner. Atlas Accounting Group is a strong collaborator with other professionals, and we are happy to make a connection with your chosen tax preparer in an effort to give you a better experience.