all-in-one payroll services for construction

Payroll doesn’t have to be your least favorite part of business. With Atlas Accounting Group, we make it easy to onboard, manage, and pay your employees and contractors with a few simple approvals each month.

Payroll services for construction

pay your construction team on time & without the stress

Each pay period, we’ll send you an automatic reminder to submit and/or approve your team’s hours. From there, we can pretty much handle it. We make it easy for you to review and approve each pay run.

payroll services for construction companies
Payroll services for construction organizations

easy for the employee, easy for you

It doesn’t get easier than Gusto. Gusto allows you to onboard, manage, and off-board employees like a breeze, and give them the tools to quickly access paystubs, apply for time off, access comprehensive employee benefits, and manage it all themselves from anywhere.

attracting and keeping workers just got easier

Payroll for construction organizations
manage onboarding all-in-one place

New employees fill out their info online, including contact information, bank account details, and W-4s.

Construction payroll
offer attractive employee benefits

Employees can receive medical stipends, dental insurance, maternity leave, gym reimbursements, retirement funds, and more all through Gusto.

Construction company payroll
manage time off & sick leave

Gusto allows employees to easily access their paystubs and time off in their payday email, Gusto account, or the Gusto Wallet app.

Construction payroll services
avoid stickycash flow issues

Run payroll when it’s convenient for you. Hold onto your money until payday, and rest assured it will be deposited into their bank accounts next-day.

Construction organization payroll
automate payroll tax payments

With Gusto & Atlas Accounting Group, all local, state, and federal payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid automatically.

Construction company payroll services
Unlimited payroll runs

You don’t need to wait until the next pay period to pay employees. Enjoy flexible, unlimited payroll runs with Gusto.

Common construction payroll faqs we get

When is the best time of year to migrate to a new construction payroll system?

Payroll systems can be switched any time of the year! Traditionally, a more seamless transition can be had at the end of a quarter or the end of the year. But Gusto (the platform we use and recommend!) makes transferring your payroll service easy any time.

What time tracking system do you recommend for general contractors and construction businesses?

Gusto provides a timecard feature and allows many different timecard applications to integrate. The best timecard solution is the one that is easy for your employees to use and that gives you the level of information you need.

Do you handle construction payroll taxes for me?

Gusto will collect payroll taxes with each payroll run. The taxes are remitted to the proper authorities and the reports are filed as required without you needing to lift a finger. Atlas Accounting Group keeps a watchful eye on reporting and helps resolve any issues with support.

Is it easy to switch from another provider?

Piece of cake. Atlas will access your previous payroll process or data or send you a list of what we need to get you all set up.

What is the setup process like?

Setup and implementation of Gusto can take as little as one week! Gusto allows employees to enter their own personal information and manage their own direct deposit. Information about historical wages and tax payments are also collected. We are here to help at any point!

Ready to hand over your payroll stress?


Just want to manage payroll yourself? You can easily create an account and manage Gusto in-house by following the link here:

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Want to get rid of the stress of payroll once and for all? We’ll set it all up for you and ensure payroll runs smoothly each month.