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Work with a dedicated Bookkeeper For COnstruction

Unsure where your money is actually going each month? Trust an expert bookkeeper for construction to give you an accurate, full picture of your financials so you can make better decisions.

bookkeeper for construction

Push your business forwardwith best-in-class bookkeeping

Automated Software
Construction bookkeepers
Efficient Workflows
Construction bookkeeping
Effective Accounting

What’s it like to work with our COnstruction Bookkeepers?

Bookkeepers for construction company
we get you set up

We’ll get you set up on the ideal accounting software. This is where we'll keep track of your daily income vs. expense transactions.

bookkeeping for construction company
we do your bookkeeping

We’ll post your sales and reconcile your books to your bank account to make sure everything is in order each month.

bookkeeper for construction company
we deliver intuitive financial reports

Ta da! You’ll receive tidy reports and our recommendations for financial improvement.

Facing Serious Construction Bookkeeping Challenges?

Don’t worry, we can help you clean the slate. Our team of construction bookkeepers are experienced with messy, overdue, and inaccurate books and will be able to correct prior years in no time.

Introducing the 30-Day Books Built BetterTM Guarantee

We offer a Books Built BetterTM Guarantee to ensure accurate accounting, done in real-time, that follows proper workflows, so that you can rest assured the work is done right. In 30 days, you will have the accurate and up-to-date financial books you need to make smarter business decisions.

Shannon Plamondon
Shannon Plamondon
Michele Bailey
Michele Bailey
Jenny Page
Jenny Page

We’re DIFFERENT than the Bookkeepers you’re used to

The story of your business is more than just payroll and financial reports. You need real-time data to make decisions. You need to understand your cash flow and forecasts to pivot when you need to, or keep doing what works. At Atlas Accounting Group, we do monthly financial work that tangibly improves your business day-in and day-out.

WOrk with Relatable, dedicated Construction Bookkeepers